The Water MAN

( Water Bottle Supply Chain in HCMC )

Accounting for over 70% of an adult’s weight, water plays an irreplaceable role in human life. Understanding that importance, The Water MAN is founded with 2 ambitions:

Providing customers with good products and service

Developing a sustainably leading systematic business in Vietnam based on a well-prepared start from small things.


About The Water MAN

The Water MAN runs business in the field of bottled water, supporting items, hot and cold water dispenser. We have currently supplied products from 15 leading brands of bottled water industry with 10 Vietnamese brands (PETAL, Vĩnh Hảo, i-on Life,...) and 5 international brands. Three of them are of high-class brands imported from France (Perrier, Volvic, Evian).

Simple steps to become a beloved customer of The Water MAN

Step 1: Access to our website thewaterman.vn and search for your favorite product

If you are not sure about what you really want, feel free to chat with our consultant in the chat box at the right bottom corner of the screen or call us at: 028 3840 0000

Access now

Step 2: Make orders

Choose the number of products you want to buy and add them to the cart. You can add products of different brands at the same time.

Step 3: Check your cart and choose payment method

Fill in your information including full name, address, phone numbers, email,..and choose the payment method. At The Water MAN, we currently offer 3 payment methods:

- Cash on delivery (COD)

- Bank Transfer:
The Water MAN bank account info:
+ Name: DNTN TM Hoàng Trần
+ Account number: 20631159, ACB Bank – Bình Thạnh Branch, HCMC(Note: We will ship goods after successful transaction.)

- Payment through VNPay

Step 4: Wait for confirmation from The Water MAN

Our staff will call you to confirm your order and arrange the delivery time, so please keep your phone open.


- The Water MAN delivers goods to all areas within Ho Chi Minh City.

- Freeship with any order of more than three 20L bottles/ packs, depending on the shipping address of customer.

- Additional fee for carrying goods upstairs:
+ 1st floor: free
+ 2nd floor: VND 2,000 / pack and VND 4,000 / 20L bottle
+ 3rd floor: VND 4,000 / pack and VND 7,000 / 20L bottle

- Delivery time
+ 8:00 AM to 18:30 AM, from Monday to Saturday
+ Goods will be delivered within 2-6 hours after customer’s successful order is confirmed by The Water MAN staff

Returns, Replacements, Refund


In case customer has purchased goods but wants to return it, The Water MAN will charge VND 10,000 / product as delivery fee and 20% of the purchasing price.

Customer can ask for replacement when products are not up to the standards of manufacturer without paying delivery fee.

In case replacement happens due to customer’s mistake, The Water MAN will charge VND 10,000 / product as delivery fee.



In case customer has paid but our delivery is not as commitment, The Water MAN will refund customer via bank transfer within 3 days.

Packaging Deposit

Applied to Lavie, Vĩnh Hảo, Vihawa, i-on Life, Bidrico, PETAL, Wami

VND 50,000 / bottle

Applies to Sapuwa 

VND 70,000 / bottle


Customer can exchange empty bottle of these brands: Lavie, i-on Life, Wami, Sapuwa, Vihawa, Vĩnh Hảo, PETAL

Customer who uses water once and return the empty bottle will be charged from 20,000 VND to 50,000 VND / total empty bottles as collecting fee


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